The Super Cup will be held in Chongqing next week and the 1 billion 300 million grand array will be 虎翔保险柜

The Super Cup next week will be held in Chongqing Olympic Sports Center Chongqing 1 billion 300 million ho array debut fans minimum spend 80 yuan will be able to see the 50 million European Super Cup in 2016 February 27th, will be held in Chongqing Olympic Sports Center, the two sides are gathered over the big foreign aid Guangzhou Hengda and Jiangsu suning. The two players are currently worth more than 1 billion 300 million. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Chongqing football management center, the game tickets have been launched! The lowest price is only 80 yuan per ticket. Both players were worth more than 1 billion 300 million and 14 a.m., and some fans were asking reporters about the dynamics of the super cup. It’s not surprising that they are so concerned about the Super Cup, because the players of both teams have a total worth of over 1 billion 300 million, and there will be a number of international big names. , who lives in the South Bank of Chongqing, said: "Suning signed Teixeira and Ramirez this year, Hengda bought Martinez, very looking forward to the performance of these three super top foreign players. After all, they are worth tens of millions of euros, and they are among the top three in the world." According to the "transfer market" the latest prices, Jiangsu Suning team worth 65 million 730 thousand euros, Guangzhou Hengda team worth 64 million 800 thousand euros, the two teams total worth of about 950 million yuan. In fact, the two teams are worth much more than the figure, and the premium is more than 1 billion 300 million! Chongqing Olympic Games have been upgraded, this is the first Super Cup held in the history of Chongqing, the ability to get the host is also hard won. Du Xueyong, director of Chongqing foot tube center, told reporters, "after all, this is an important event held in Chongqing in 2016, which is of great significance. What’s the difference between Super Cup and Super Cup? Yesterday, Chen Xiaoyu, deputy director of the foot tube center, told reporters that the Super Cup was higher than the Super Bowl in the venue lighting and rebroadcast seats. "Aiming at the problem of insufficient lighting, we will ensure the brightness of the game and HD signal. Second, the relay, the Super Cup more requirements. For example, the requirements of broadcasting seats are different. There are special offside seats at both ends of the stadium, and Spider Eye cameras will be erected over the Olympic sports center. Third, add comment seats." "Rebuild the camera station and change the sound circuit. Of course, there are Olympic Sports Center and the Football Association of the training field outside the two piece of turf, are replanting and maintenance, has reached the best state, such as the start of the game." Chen Xiaoyu said. 80 bucks to watch the stars, in addition to the Chongqing fans are very concerned about the fare. Reporters learned from the Chongqing Football Association, the Super Cup tickets have been on sale, fans can buy tickets in Yongle ticketing and other sales. Chongqing foot tube center director Du Xueyong told reporters, the Super Cup ticket aspects are responsible for the super company, the current super ticket personnel are in Chongqing, fans can book online. The cheapest ticket is only 80 yuan, most of the ticket price ranging from 100 yuan to 200 yuan. Newspaper reporter He Yan

超级杯下周将于重庆举行 13亿豪阵亮相奥体中心 重庆球迷最低花80元就能看到5000万欧先生   2月27日,2016年超级杯将在重庆奥体中心举行,对阵双方是云集多名大牌外援的广州恒大和江苏苏宁。两队球员目前的实际身价超过13亿。昨天,记者从重庆市足球管理中心获悉,本场比赛的球票已经开始发售!最低价位的球票只要80元一张。   双方球员身价超13亿   14日上午,一些球迷就在向记者打听有关超级杯的动态。他们对超级杯如此关注不足为奇,因为这场球赛两队球员的总身价超13亿,而且将有多名国际大腕参 加。家住重庆南岸的高林就表示:“苏宁今年签了特谢拉、拉米雷斯,恒大买了马丁内斯,非常期待这三位中超大牌外援的表现。毕竟他们身价数千万欧元,目前包 揽中超身价前三位。”   根据《转会市场》最新价格,江苏苏宁全队身价为6573万欧元,广州恒大全队身价6480万欧元,两队总身价约合9.5亿人民币。实际上,两队身价远比这个数字高,算上溢价的部分,超过13亿!   重庆奥体已改造升级   这是重庆历史上第一次举办超级杯,能够获得主办资格也是来之不易。重庆足管中心主任杜学勇告诉记者,“这毕竟是2016年重庆举办的一场重要赛事,意义重大。   办超级杯和中超有什么不同?昨天,足管中心副主任陈小雨告诉记者,超级杯在场地灯光、转播机位上比中超要求高。“针对赛场灯光亮度不够的问题,我们将保证 比赛和高清信号需要的亮度。第二,转播方面,超级杯的要求也更多。比如转播机位要求就不一样,球场两头有专门的越位机位,还要在奥体中心上空架设蜘蛛眼摄 影机。第三,增加了评论席。”   “重新搭建了摄影台,更换了音响线路。当然,还有奥体中心内场和足协外边的训练场的两块草皮,都进行了补种和维护,目前已经达到了最好的状态,就等比赛开始。”陈小雨说。   80块钱就能看球星   此外就是重庆球迷非常关心的票价。记者从重庆足协获悉,超级杯门票已经开售,球迷可以在永乐票务等销售端购买。重庆足管中心主任杜学勇告诉记者,本次超级 杯票务方面均由中超公司负责,目前中超负责票务的人员已在重庆,球迷可在网上预订。球票最便宜的只需要80元,大部分球票价格从100元到200元不等。 本报记者 何艳相关的主题文章:

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